CLRSC is made up of volunteer committee members from a wide range of backgrounds, all committed to the continuous success of these Saturday evening meals. 


Our focus as an organisation is to provide the rough sleepers of Central London with a quality dining experience. Our chef's prepare a warm nutritious meal, followed by dessert and our volunteers provide table service to our guests and conversation is had among all that is involved. Everyone who has participated in the evening, guest and volunteers alike, get some form of fulfilment out of the evening. 


Our volunteers come from all over London and its outskirts. They are all from different backgrounds, which leaves us with a very diverse pool of volunteers. 


  • We offer a safe and secure event for our guests to relax, where they are treated with dignity and respect.

  • Each meal offers a new opportunity for mental stimulus which might include quizzes, puzzles or music, but they always include conversation.

  • We started provided meals to rough sleepers and vulnerably housed in 2008

  • We have provided 2 Saturday evening meals each month since our inception

  • We serve over 2000 meals per year