Welcome to CLRSC
(Central London Rough Sleepers Committee)


Rough sleepers are invited to attend events twice a month by invitation which is available through local day centres. Established in 2008, to date we have served over 10,000 meals with attendances regularly reaching 60-70 guests per event.

The CLRSC is a volunteer organisation supported by Prof. S Allesch-Taylor and Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. We are also very grateful to St. Peter's church who have been so committed to the hosting of these meal events.


Next meal events 2019...

January:  12th
February:  9th  |  16th
March:  2nd |  16th
April:  6th
May:  11th

Special thanks to...

..all those who help to make every CLRSC meal a continuing success. The Central London Rough Sleepers Committee has been able to offer comfort, support and companionship to the most vulnerable people in the capital by providing the most simple of things – a hot meal and conversation, these events happen two Saturday nights per month which has been happening for more than 10 years.

Our dedicated team that make every meal an event, include our committee and meal leaders, willingly dedicating their personal time to ensure every meal is an event which supports our aim to encourage socialization. Of course none of this would be possible without our Founder and Deputy Chair, Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE. He has funded over 90% of the events since 2008 and has committed further funding until at least 2020. We also recieve support from The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, that not only support the meals but also supply essential behind the scenes support.

We would also like to thank our chefs for consistently delivering such varied and excellent cuisine and our pool of over 250 volunteers that regularly give up their Saturday nights to support the work of the Central London Rough Sleepers Committee, without whom our organisation could not function.

Michelle Taylor
Chair, Central London Rough Sleepers Committee.