If you wish to volunteer at one of our meals then please complete the form below and we will include you on our mailing list.

(Each meal has an email sent to all volunteers the weekend before each meal)

The meal leader for that event then notes your name and confirms your participation in the meal. We would request that any volunteer who finds themselves unable to attend, could they please email to notify the meal leader so that they may find a replacement.

The schedule for the evening:

5.00pm Our volunteers arrive to help set up the venue and assist in the preparation of the meal

6.00pm Security Guard arrives and the final volunteer briefing is carried out before guests arrive

6.15pm Guests arrive

7.15pm Dinner is served

9.00pm Guests must all leave at the same time as the Security Guard.

9.00pm Volunteers all pack down and relax in each others company

Once everything is packed away we then have a debrief,

followed by some off site socialising. 

NB Timings for each part of the evening is estimated.

Name *
We have other volunteering opportunities beyond meal service, if you have any particular skill sets that may be beneficial, then please let us know......